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The objectives of the HOPSOL Youth Soccer league are:
  • To provide professional services to all participating teams in regards to infrastructure, administration, and management for matches, registrations and venues. 
  • To create an atmosphere for proper talent and skill development by regular playing. 
  • To implement a ‘General Sporting Concept’ for participating teams to stimulate progressive growth for the individual player and their respective teams.
  • To create opportunity for all classes of society, culture and nationality to come together to celebrate the joy of playing football.
  • To become a key stakeholder with the national football federations and their associates.

Community impact and influence:
  1. For players to develop their so called "God given" talent. 
  2. For young people to get excited about sport, in this case soccer, again.
  3. Bringing together of different people groups. 

Proudly sponsored by HopSol Solar Power. 
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